A Creative Indie Manifesto

I walk and drive the streets of Chicago, I go into stores and read the news and what I find makes me sad. Everywhere I find an either/or world, one where we can only fit into some manufactured slot. I find in the world around me one is either in agreement or the enemy to be destroyed. The world around us wants you to conform, to be beaten into submission or be destroyed.

The Higher Power wants more from us than that. We need to be partners in creation building the new, the different. It wants us to make a positive difference in the world, without leaving a larger negative difference in our wake. There are many who believe that in business and life, the Internet will help us achieve this due to the breaking of barriers. Sadly resistance to such a new world has left an ugly vicious place instead.

Large corporations have found ways to use a connected world for their own profit, yet don’t make the world a better, more creative place nor increasing the world’s connectivity. Often they isolate people in order to increase their profits. The connection between people must come from creative individuals. This is the return of the craftsman, the independent writer and artist. The digital connection have broken down the filter of editors, producers, and publishers who want the lowest common denominator to sell. We can sell our works and ideas to those who most are touched by them.  When we do,  will be the ones who make a difference.

I am one of those people, the ones that make a difference. I believe that we are all creative individuals, capable of incredible things. I was put on this earth to teach and to create: it is who I am. I believe there is a new era of small business, where much of the costs of production and distribution have become so insignificant the tyranny of the big production house can fall. This is the world of the creative indie.

This podcast will help you become the successful creative indie. I will teach you how to overcome the true enemies– Resistance, failure and fear. I will show you how to become you best creative self no matter if you are an artist, author, or app developer. I will show you haw to build and create instead of destroy and hate.  If we all become our best selves, then we will change the world.

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  1. Excellent Article and I am grateful to finding you and looking forward to your skills and enthusiasm along with your creative skills.

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