Most podcasts are for your left brain.

This isn't.

If you are creative, independent person, one making your own stuff, doing your own work and trying to sell it in the market, most advice isn't enough.

Somehow it doesn't quite work.

You want it to work, you want to sell your works and ideas to those who most are touched by them.

You want to be one of the people who makes a difference with your work.

This is a podcast and site for exactly you. I am one of those people like you, creative, independent and maybe a little bit crazy to the outside world.

I believe that we are all creative individuals, capable of incredible things.

I was put on this earth to teach and do art: it is who I am.

I believe there is a new era of small business, where much of the costs of production and distribution have become so insignificant we can't be filtered out by big business looking for the lowest common demoninator.

It is the rise of the Creative Indie.

This podcast will help you become the successful creative indie. I will teach you how to overcome the true enemies-- Resistance, failure and fear.

I will show you how to become you best creative self no matter if you are an artist, musician, author, or app developer.

I will show you how to build and create, and make some money at it too.

If we all become our best selves, then we will change the world.

About Steve Lipton

Steve Lipton is the slightly pizza-obsessed iOS developer behind the popular MakeAppPie.com website. He's started programming on a TRS-80 when 4K memory was a lot, storage was on cassette tapes, and Apple had colors in their logo. With a Master's degree in education from Loyola University Chicago specializing in adult and corporate instructional management, Steve writes informative detail oriented training for a variety of fields.

Through his career so far he's been an on-site Trainer for medical billing systems, A systems support technician, IT systems supervisor, Health Inspector, Food safety trainer, Speaker and content marketing specialist. He ran his own consulting firm for ten years before working as an executive at a medical diagnostic manufacturer. Steve became an iOS Developer in 2011, developing seven apps in the app store, five apps personally and two apps for his company. Since the introduction of Swift, he's dedicated to teaching Swift and new iOS technologies for beginner and intermediate developers and written several books.

You can contact Steve on Twitter at @sliceofapppie, Instagram at @sliceofapppie