MiFitness Trails

Your Trails, Your Workout.  

MiFitness trails is the app for running on a treadmill without going crazy with boredom. Choose one of a few built-in trails or make your own trail, then follow the course on a satellite map while running. You can run at a constant speed or for those run/walk/run training, train with intervals.

Create Your Own Trails

While we provide you with a few great trails, you can go anywhere on MiFitness Trails. Add your favorite trail or race. Train on an upcoming course. You make the trails anywhere you can see a map so running on rails superhighways and over mountains are all possible with MiFitness Trails. 

Run, Bike, Walk. Avoid the Weather and the Boredom. 

Mi Fitness trails contains all you need for a workout experience. Set your pace or speed. If you are using intervals set two intervals  with a timer and audio prompting.