Episode 32: Crushed by Resistance

Hello all,

This is one of those weeks where I have little or nothing to say. I don’t have a tutorial of the week nor do I even have a post ready for publication. I have spent the last week trying desperately to get the Practical Autolayout book ready for publication. (more on that later) so let me talk a little bit about Time and Resistance.

Time was not on my side this week. Large chunks of it were cut out due to the distraction of the World Series. Living in Chicago, distraction is a serious understatement.  There are also some family issues that came up I’ve needed to address. Neither I have control over. I didn’t last week and I don’t next week. I’d like to say that they are Resistance I can just barrel through, But they are not that easy.

Weekends Ive been catching up on my sleep from my only solution to all this; get up at 3:00 to get things done.  I’m going to get through the current Resistance. As Stephen Pressfield notes Resistance is always greatest when you are close to the goal. I’m getting very close to the goal. This is all Resistance. I need to find more ways around it.

No rest for the weary, I guess.

In book news, I have good news and bad news. The draft of the new edition is complete. I was hoping to take care of the editing and have this out early this week. Unfortunately Apple ruined those plans with some major changes to Autolayout in Xcode 8.1 There’s two that I know of. There is a new resolver button for updating frames which I haven’t a clue how to use. The second is the problem one for me — they changed the names of some of the size classes. I Have a lot of rework to do changing anything that has 6s to 7 and 6s Plus to 7 plus.  I’m pushing up the release date for the book to November 3. Even if I get no sleep at all between now and then it will be out.

I also want to give you a warning about the new edition. I will be increasing the price to $12.99. This due to production costs for the Amazon Kindle version. Amazon charges me for your download by the megabyte. I can take another month optimizng images for the Kindle to make more money or I can change the pricing structure so there is no download charge, but I get less royalty. I’m upping the price of the book to compensate for the loss of profit. As part of the publishing contract I have with Apple and Amazon. The e-book has to be the same price on both platforms.

I didn’t say this in the podcast, and I’ll repeat it next week. I’m also going to update the Swift Swift View controllers book incrementally. What that means is the book ill spend some time in both iOS 10 and iOS 9. Some chapters will not be up to date and others will. Currently, that will mean a update of the book starting next week up to chapter 2 section 2 where I left off in August. I’ll update frequently with new material until the full book is up to date. This is not ideal, I know, but it gets out material on a more timely basis than waiting till January for me to do the full book.

We have no tutorial post this week. I’ve been too busy with the tiny amount of time I’ve had just working on the book. Next week will be a very different week I hope.

Talk to you next week and keep coding


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