#5: Who is the True Enemy?

Know your enemy and know yourself and you will win many battles. What if The Enemy is inside your house, or maybe hiding in the nearest mirror or Facebook post? What do you do?

Show Notes:

The Art of War – Sun Tzu’s military classic. The Giles translation is freely available, though far from my favorite, taking an academic tone. If you can find a copy of the Gen Samuel B. Griffith translation, it is definitely my favorite. It is a soldier translating a soldier’s book. This was part of Griffith’s PhD. thesis on why and how Mao won China, which is included in the book. There is a pdf from Stanford of the translation alone without the rest of Gen. Griffith’s writings.  There is also a translation by the Sonshi group which I do like.

The War of Art – In case you cant figure out how much I like this in the podcast, The first two parts of this book are some of my favorite reading material. The last part on the muse and spirituality lost me, since my spirituality is different than Pressfield’s.

Kabuki The Alchemy – A wonderful and very artistic graphic novel which was where I first heard of Pressfield’s War of Art.

The Terrible and Wonderful Reasons I run Long distances(Part 1 – The Blerch) – All you ever wanted or needed to know about the Blerch, and running for that matter.



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