#3:Why Long Tails Cannot be Trusted

Steve thought he would make thousands selling apps. Steve failed. Find out why and what you need to know  to not fall into the same trap — and even exploit it.



Show Notes

The top ten long tail example:

long tail curve

In this scenario, when you have  production and inventory costs, it makes sense to stick to the yellow. But if you don’t have those costs, you can almost double your sales by playing the tail as shown by stacking the red and blue.


The Long Tail : A link to the Amazon page of the book by Chris Anderson.

Chris Anderson’s website: For more information about the long tail complete with a few free links to chapters and related articles.

The Television Industrial complex: From Seth Godin’s TED  Talk How to Get Your Ideas to Spread. Queued to the point he starts talking about the  TV Industrial complex.



2 thoughts on “#3:Why Long Tails Cannot be Trusted

  1. Steve, Great podcast. As an Indie devloper all you say resonates with me. I particularly liked the idea of multi channel targets and focus.

    1. Thanks! a lot more coming along the way on the money and marketing topics, though it looks like all Season Two material.

      I cannot tell you how many times I’ve gotten a comment on MakeAppPie.com about the one app that will be a big as Angry Birds or Flappy Bird. You need a lot of apps,books,blogs, etc. (or combination of them) to get anywhere. Next week’s topic keeps on this track with one debunking the whole instant success mentality.

      Thank you again. Please keep listening and subscribe on iTunes.


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